Widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful sights in Tasmania, it’s surrounded on either side by 20kms of lush, natural rainforest. Due to this it has some of the cleanest air in the world, another bonus!

Arthur River is a town unlike any other in Australia – set at the mouth of Tasmania’s last wild river, where the world’s greatest tract of temperate rainforest drains into the mighty southern ocean. Here the roaring 40’s meet the rugged west coast of Tasmania at a place so awe inspiring that early explorers named it “The Edge of the World”. A washing machine where ocean currents mix with river flow, and foaming waves push ancient logs up onto lonely beaches. Enormous logs are carried perhaps 170km down river from the very heart of the Tarkine Wilderness.

Find us

Arthur River is in Tasmanias far northwest, it is approximately:

  • 1 hour by road from Smithton
  • 70 minutes from Stanley

The road is sealed all the way and there is plenty of parking.

Arthur River Map

About the region

Five hundred year old forest giants of Tasmanian oak, Blackwood, myrtle, or sassafras, become the foundation of coastal dunes, and lay buried in the sand for perhaps 1000 years. The reason they called this place “The Edge of the World” was because the battered coastline and isolated river mouth stand before 15,000km of unbroken, untamed, unforgiving sea – the longest stretch of ocean in the world.

Thirty years ago a local bushman named Turk Porteous recognized the value of the untouched Arthur River for a world class river cruise. Turk built a boat from scratch, and then cleared a landing area in the heart of the ancient rainforest. And so in 1985 the iconic Arthur River Cruises was created. Today visitors can cruise the magnificent Arthur River on the same charismatic boat, and enjoy a BBQ lunch at the same cleared landing. ARTHUR RIVER CRUISES truly is Tasmania – in all its pioneering history, natural majesty, and relaxed welcoming atmosphere.

The river offers good trout, salmon and blackfish for fishing enthusiasts.