Our Cruises

The MV “George Robinson”

The ARTHUR RIVER CRUISES M.V. George Robinson is a beautiful old type steel craft fitted out with Tasmanian timber and brass. With seating for 52 it comes alive with a large group. A party atmosphere inevitably builds, and the trouble makers all end up at the back. The famous return entertainment includes Australian poetry reading, or even didgeridoo lessons!

The cruise often sees platypus, kingfishers, or a host of other bird life, and the mighty sea eagles rarely miss out on a feed of fish. The sea eagles which we feed are completely wild and nest on the bank of the river. They have been fed tidbits from the vessel for 25 years and usually wait for us to come downstream for their daily treat. Our guests can also treat themselves to some tasty morsels at one of Australia’s most isolated restaurants, situated in the stunning rainforest.


We depart daily at 10am from the Arthur River Township on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

Commencing at the mouth of the Arthur River we cruise 14 km up to the junction of the Arthur and Frankland Rivers. This section of the tour takes about an hour and 40 minutes, during which time you are served morning tea whilst cruising through coastal heath, eucalyptus, wattles and into the rainforest.

Next a 2-hour stop at Turk’s Landing. Visitors can experience an easy grade guided walk though the pristine Tarkine rainforests with our tour guide. Upon return to our magical camp among the trees, you are served a barbecue lunch accompanied by a selection of fresh salads, bread rolls and wine.

After lunch we return to the vessel and make our way home, feeding the sea eagles en route. We have two sets of Sea Eagles and one set of Wedge Tail Eagles living on the river, which is very unusual, as these birds are normally highly territorial.

The vessel returns to the settlement at 3pm. The duration of the cruise is 5 hours.

We have toilet facilities on board the vessel.

What to bring

Sensible footwear is recommended for the guided walk eg: boots or shoes with strong grip soles. Thongs and high-heels are not sensible!

A warm jacket is highly recommended! In cool weather, add a beanie and scarf.

The Team

Our guides have a range of backgrounds, from Greg with his two Environmental Science degrees, Keith’s wealth of knowledge and sense of humor, Marise with her charm and cooking expertise, to Captain Rob, part of a 5th generation Tasmanian logging family, who still pulls logs with an old bullock team.